Saturday, 26 December 2015

Christmas 2015

This year for Christmas, I was lucky enough to receive some of the most incredible gifts that I'm super appreciative for. Like last year, I thought I'd write out a little haul and share some of the lovely gifts that I was given this year.

First of all, my parents bought me the Urban Decay Naked 3 eyeshadow palette, which is definitely one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. The packaging is truly stunning and the eyeshadows themselves are amazing. I couldn't resist trying a couple out today for my boxing day look.
I might do a post on this by itself at some point in the future with swatches and opinions because this palette is definitely one of the best I've seen.

My parents also picked me up one of my favourite 'go-to' products. The POREfessional by Benefit has become a staple in my makeup bag, much to the despair of my bank balance. It was nice to receive this and know that I won't have to buy another one for a few months. 

If you know me, you'll know my deep love for Ed Sheeran, so what better to receive than an Ed Sheeran 2016 calendar. The standard sort of present that I absolutely love. It'll be coming to work with me in the new year and going up behind my desk so I can stare at Ed all day when I should be working hard keep super organised!

My lovely sister and her boyfriend bought me some fantastic presents as well. The first, a Harry Potter 8-film collection was a brilliant little gift to open, particularly as I don't own any of them and have only seen half of them - time to watch the lot.

Kat and Mat also bought me Joe & Caspar Hit The Road, starring to fabulous YouTubers. I'm rather looking forward to watching it and seeing if it's as good as I've heard it is.

 They also got me three candles. I think Kat said they came from an Etsy seller but I'm not sure which one. They come in three Christmassy scents - Christmas Memories, Christmas Splendour and Freshly Cut Xmas Tree.

To complete my ever-expanding collection of Rainbow Rowell books, they bought me Attachments. I'm super excited to read this, even though I haven't yet had the opportunity to read the little pile of books I was given for my birthday.

The final gift I received from Kat and Mat was this, the Zoella Beauty "Awesome Drawersome" collection.
This was a total surprise to me but I absolutely love it. It comes with two fizz bars, one body butter, a body lotion, a body soak/shower cream, a shower gel, a makeup bag and a shower lily, as well as a beautiful set of drawers that I'm going to fill with my lovely makeup products.

All in all, my Christmas was an incredible one. Not only did I get some lovely gifts, but I also had a generally very lovely day with my family, and received the nicest Christmas message at midnight which made the day truly special. 

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